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Access Your Ethereum Winnings at an ATM

Who would have imagined several years ago when cryptocurrencies suddenly appeared, that it would one day be possible to walk up to an ATM and exchange your chosen cryptocurrency holdings for cash or vice versa.

Well believe it or not, that is of course something that you can now do, but there are only a small number of different cryptocurrencies and ATM’s that allow you to do just that.

When it comes to the cryptocurrency that is Ethereum, there are right now 485 ATM’s that allow users to buy that digital currency on the spot and will also allow users to exchange Ethereum and turn it into the fiat currency in use in the location of that ATM.

That number of Ethereum ATM’s is set to increase massively in the coming months and years, and it won’t be very long before cryptocurrency dispensing and accepting ATM’s are as mainstream as fiat currency ones!

That does of course mean that if you are someone who does enjoy gambling online for example, you are very easily going to be able to use Ethereum as a casino or gambling site deposit option, and you will find no shortages of gambling sites that will pay you your winnings straight back out into your Ethereum compatible digital wallet too.

Any holdings of Ethereum you hold can either by exchanged and turned into any fiat currency and paid directly into your bank account when using the services of a digital currency exchange, but it may be beneficial for you to use an Ethereum ATM to either buy or sell your holdings of Ethereum too.

In regards to whether there are any benefits and pros and cons of using an Ethereum ATM, you will still have to pay a transaction fee when using an ATM as the way you access your cash, but the main advantage of going so is that there will never be any delays in your getting access to your cash.

When using the services of a digital currency encage to turn Ethereum into a fiat currency you can often be forced to wait days for the proceeds of such a sale to reach your bank account, and there can often be a delay in regards to the exchange processing such a transaction too.

If you ever need to top up your Ethereum compatible digital currency wallet then that is something you are going to also be able to do at an Ethereum ATM, and with more and more of them being installed in various different locations on an ongoing basis there is bound to be one close to here you live or are staying.

Plus, as you will soon discover as you look around online, the number of casino, bingo, betting and poker sites that now do accept Ethereum as both a deposit option and offer it as a withdrawal option to their customer is increasing, so you are never going to go short in regards to just how many sites you can pick and choose from to bet and gamble at!

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