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Best Keno Bets to Place

Some of the more unique casino games available online are often overlooked by players, possibly due to the fact they are unsure of how they play and pay.

However, one game that is best famed for occasionally turning a very small stake into an enormous winning payout is the game of Keno.

There is nothing complicated about playing Keno, for all you are required to do is to try and correctly predict a series of numbers that you hope will be drawn out of the Keno machine.

The standard Keno game is one on which you are going to be able to pick between one and fifteen numbers from one to eighty, and then the machine will fire out twenty of those eighty numbers, each of which will have been randomly chosen.

The more numbers you opt to put onto your card and the more of them you match the higher your winning payout will become. The stakes on such games are always fully adjustable by players, so you can play for some tiny stake amounts, or if you are feeling brave or very lucky you could always play for high stakes instead.

What you do need to be aware of though is that each set of numbers you can choose to place on your Keno card will have a different payout percentage associated with them.

That information can be quite hard to work out if you are not mathematically minded, and as such I will now enlighten you as to the best bets to place on a range of different online Keno games, based on the RTP of each number groping.

Many NetEnt software powered cryptocurrency accepting casino sites have a game called Jungle Keno, and you can chose to place two to ten numbers on your card on that game. The best bet to place however is the nine number spot as that bet offers a long term expected RTP of some 96.28%.

Microgaming, Top Game and also Rival powered casino sites have a standard Keno game on offer which boasts a fairly industry standard set of betting opportunities and winning payouts. On those games you can place from one to fifteen numbers on your Keno card.

However, the RTP’s of each number grouping does vary quite significantly, but the one with the best payout percentage and paybacks is the thirteen number bet on which a payout percentage of a reasonable 94.90% is on offer to players.

The Playtech designed Keno game is very similar to the NetEnt variant, for you can pick from two to ten numbers to have in play on each card you play off.

The best bet to place though on their version of this game is the eight numbers bet which has a payout percentage of 92.75% which is not very high but it is the best RTP when compared to each of the other bets you can place!

Real Time Gaming powered casinos have a Keno game offering you the chance of placing one to fifteen numbers on your card, but as the best paying one is the eleven numbers bet which has a rather low RTP of 86.75% you will probably be best off never playing their Keno game online!

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