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Best Odds Guaranteed Promotions

Experienced sports bettors can and do spend a lot of time and put in a lot of effort into choosing just which sporting events they place their wagers on, and another thing they are renowned for doing is ensuring they are always going to get the maximum returns from their winnings bets!

That is also something that you should be prepared to do, for the only way you are going to increase your chances of winning any bet you place is by placing your hard earned cash on the betting opportunities that are most likely to win, but also by placing your bets at a betting site that is giving you the highest odds too.

If you like betting on for example horse races, then one thing you are faced with having to do when placing your bets is either taking the current odds available at the betting site you have chosen to place your bets at, or you can choose to get paid out at the SP if your horse wins its race.

The SP is the Starting Price and that is the average odds the bookmakers at the racecourse your horse is running at had on offer when the race began.

You do have to weigh up the risks of either taking a price when placing your bet of taking the SP of the horse you have bet on, for if a high volume of wagers are placed on your horse then its SP will be low when the starting price is announced after the race.

There is however a way that you can always guarantee that you are going to get the best odds available on your chosen horse if it does go on to win its race, and that is by making use of a bookmakers site that offers something known as a Best Odds Guarantee.

When such a betting site offers that guarantee, you will be required, at the time of placing your bet to take the odds offered to you at that betting site, however if the odds on your horse increases and the SP is higher than the odds you took the betting site will pay you out at those higher odds instead of the ones you took!

Therefore you are in a win-win position, for if the odds you took are lower than the SP then you get paid out at those higher SP odds, but if the odds you took are lower than the SP you get paid out at those higher odds instead.

Be aware though that some betting sites may have a maximum stake limit you can place on their Bets Odds Guaranteed races, and you many also find that you are required to place your bets at a certain time of the day too. But there is certainly value to be had by you making use of those types of offers so make sure you look out for them at any sports betting site you are a customer of to lock in plenty of value!

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