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Do Bingo Sites Accept Cryptocurrencies?

If you are a fan of playing bingo and you use Bitcoin then you may be pleased to learn that quite a number of bingo sites now accept it. That means you are going to have access to all of your favourite bingo games online, and could win big when doing so.

However, if you have never actually played some of the many different bingo games online then you should read on, for below I will be giving you an insight into all of the types and variants of bingo games that are available to online players, and will also be letting you know what makes each of those games unique too.

The most popular bingo game of all time is the 90 ball bingo game, and that game uses a card on which there are three rows of five numbers, so 15 numbers in total on each card, and there are three different cash prizes available on each game played.

The first stage of 90 ball bingo games is played for a single line, so it is the player who manages to get any five numbers on any one line across their card that will win the lowest valued prize.

The game will then move onto the two line stage of the game and as the name of that stage suggests by crossing off two different lines of five numbers across any one card a player will then win the second highest prize on offer.

Finally the game will move onto the full house stage of the game and that is where the highest valued prize will be won. As soon as a player manages to cross off all of their numbers on any one card they have bought and be the very first player to do so, they will then win the cash prize associated with that stage of the game.

Another popular bingo game is 75 ball bingo and when playing that game you will be playing with a card that has five numbers in five lines across each card purchased, the middle position on that card on the third column is usually a free square so that position is always dabbed off before the game starts.

The beauty of playing 75 ball bingo is that you are going to be able to form a huge number of different patterns, one of which is selected to be the winning one before each game is played.

There are some additional bingo game variants which can include 30, 40 and 50 ball bingo, those games are known collectively as speed bingo games as they are played rapidly and each card you purchase will only have a small amount of numbers printed upon them.

Chat bingo games are another type of bingo game you can play that have bonus prizes available on them and players win those bonus prizes by playing little side games in the chat room of the bingo site they are playing at, so they can be very social bingo games to play online.

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