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Bitcoin 3 Card Poker

Lots of different poker based card games are going to be on offer to you as a player at most Bitcoin casino sites, however some games are much more appealing to players than other games.

One game that is very popular and one that you may not have come across before is 3 card poker, and when playing it you can play two different games all in one, or either of those two games individually.

The first option is for you to place an ante bet to set the games into live play, and when you do so you will then be dealt out three playing cards, and the dealer will also be dealt out three playing cards. The aim of that game is to simply have a higher ranked hand than that of the Dealer.

If the Dealers hand doesn’t qualify then you are paid out according to the pay table on just your ante bet if you didn’t fold your hand, however if you have chosen to play on and your hand does beat the Dealers and his hand also qualifies you are also paid out on the additional bet required to play on.

The other bet is simply one that will see you hoping you three card hand is one of those listed on the pay table, if it is then it doesn’t matter what the Dealers hand is you still receive that winning payout.

Bonuses and 3 Card Poker Comps

All casino sites are going to be offering you bonuses, either when you first sign up to them as a new real money player, or when you play regularly and they want to keep you depositing and playing.

However, when it comes to games such as 3 card poker, you may often find that you are going to be very limited in regards to the type of bonuses, if any that can be used on that game.

Most casino card games, due to their relatively low house edges, and low risk betting opportunities are listed as restricted games, or if a casino site does permit you to use a bonus on those types of games the play through requirements are usually very high.

Therefore do think long and hard about whether any bonuses you can use on 3 card poker games are going to be offering your value or simply tying up your deposited funds in some very high play through requirements.

Having said that though, when you do play this game online and in a real money playing environment, most of not all casino sites will award you with comp points. The more you play win or lose, the more points you will amass.

So there is a good chance when playing 3 card poker, if you do get a fair length of playing session, you can accumulate a lot of comp points which you will then be able to exchange for additional playing credits, which could be either bonus credits with play through requirements or cash credits instead.

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