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Bitcoin Bingo Jackpot Games

The main difference between playing bingo online at a Bitcoin bingo site, when compared to playing in a land based brick and mortar bingo club is the value of the jackpots you can win online are much higher in value.

The main reason why that is so is that there are going to be many more players logged onto a bingo site playing jackpot bingo games, and as such the value of those jackpot bingo games will be much higher.

It is also worth noting that land based bingo clubs and halls are taking a cut of the bingo card sale money on each game played, and their overheads are of course much higher than that of an online bingo site.

So when you play online the operator of that site takes a much smaller commission from each bingo card sold and that then leaves more money in the pot so to speak to give away as jackpots.

Most if not all Bitcoin accepting bingo sites will have a packed daily schedule of jackpot games available throughout the day or night, and you will find somewhere on the websites of those sites or once you log into your account, a comprehensive jackpot schedule, which you can then use to look up when each jackpot game is starting.

The cost of the bingo cards for each jackpot game can and will vary, as often will the actual way the jackpot is going to be won.

One standard jackpot bingo game variant used is the game of 90 ball bingo, and it will be the first player to dab off all fifteen numbers on any one single card they have bought that will win the jackpot.

However, there is also plenty of what are known as progressive bingo jackpot games available online, and those games have a jackpot that is going to continue to rise in value over many individual games until the moment in time one player wins that jackpot.

The way in which the most commonly available progressive jackpot bingo games are designed is that players have to dab off all of their numbers on one single card within a certain number of balls called out of the bingo machine.

So for example a progressive jackpot could be won if a player manages to get all numbers dabbed off any one ticket within 45 balls being drawn out of the bingo ball machine, if players do not manage to do so that jackpot rolls over and grows to the next jackpot game.

If a player calls bingo in 46 numbers or more they win a smaller fixed valued jackpot instead of the progressive one. You will also find most if not all Bitcoin bingo sites will let you pre-buy cards and tickets for jackpot games being played later on in the day.

As such by pre-buying your cards and tickets you will not need to be online when those games are being played as the bingo sites software checks your tickets for you!

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