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Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice games are of course a type of game you are going to find available at all casino games. However, Bitcoin Dice games are going to offer you some potentially huge winning payouts, as there are some quite unique variants available online.

But if you are looking for some of the more standard games to play that use a set of dice to determine the outcome of each game played then both Craps and Sicbo may be games you have come across before.

Craps for example is a fast paced game on which you can end up playing two stages of it dependent on whether a 7 is the first number rolled out or not, and as the game offers a plethora of different staking and betting options it can be a fun and exciting game to play online.

Bitcoin Sicbo games use three dice as opposed to just two dice on Craps games and what you simply need to do when playing Sicbo is predict which of the many different possible outcomes of the roll of those three dice will be the one that occurs on each game you play off.

The more unlikely the outcome of those rolls of the Sicbo dice, the higher the winning payouts will become, however low risk gamblers will find some low risk and much lower paying betting opportunities are available on those games

Playing Bitcoin Dice Games Online

The original Bitcoin casino sites do however offer a provably fair Dice game on which you simply have to predict what the outcome of the dice, when rolled, will be, and those games do offer some massive winning payouts but low risk does if you are prepared to bet some fairly high stake amounts.

You will also come across some arcade styled Bitcoin dice games at a growing number of online casino sites, and those games can often be played for tiny stakes so are very suitable for players with a limited bankroll.

One popular game is Rollercoaster Dice on which you are tasked with nothing more complicated than predicting if the next roll of the dice is going to be a higher or lower number than the previous one.

You will increase your winnings the more times you predict a correct outcome of each roll, however at various stages of the game you will be given the option of collecting what you have so far won, or can continue playing in the hope you guess several other rolls correctly and by doing so you will get a much bigger winning payout.

Poker Dice is another game you may come across, and that game uses five dice in total and what you will be aiming to do when playing it is to roll in one of the poker type hands that are displayed on the pay table.

The payouts on that game are not as high as when you play for example video poker, but it is a fun game to play and on that comes with a very reasonable RTP!

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