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Bitcoin Gold

It is of course up to you just which cryptocurrencies you choose to use when you want to fund a casino, poker, betting site or any type of gambling site account online.

As the number of cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens keeps increasing in number every day, you certainly do have a lot of choice in regards to which ones you can use, and one that is available and one that a growing number of gambling sites do accept is Bitcoin Gold.

To be honest though from a user’s point of view there is no major different in regards to using Bitcoin Gold rather than the cryptocurrency Blockchain it is a fork of, that being of course Bitcoin.

But the one main difference is the price of buying Bitcoin Gold, whilst it does have  gigantic market capital, which at the time of compiling this guide that was an impressive $2,073,603,398, the price of buying a unit is relatively cheap compared to when buying units of Bitcoin.

However, it is the supply and demand for any cryptocurrency that is ultimately going to affect its value, and as such with no real benefits of using this cryptocurrency over any other one apart from a fairly low unit price, I am not overly excited about it as a cryptocurrency when used for depositing or making withdrawals from any gambling site.

However, the technology and blockchain behind Bitcoin God is of course tired, tested and proven and as such your digital assets will be safe when using it, but its value has been dropping since November of 2017 and as such that is something you should keep in mind.

In regards to how you start using Bitcoin Gold, there is nothing too complicated about doing so, for you first need to get a digital wallet that is compatible with it, and being a fork of Bitcoin there are plenty of digital wallets that you can download and make use of.

There are however some transaction fees to be paid when you are buying Bitcoin Gold from any digital exchange and the exchange rate you will get when using some of them are much lower than the spot rate.

Plus, depending on just which payment method you use to buy Bitcoin Gold with, there are going to be added fees and charges on top of the price you are paying for that cryptocurrency.

As soon as you do start using Bitcoin Gold though, you will find the processing times for your payments into any gambling sites are fast, and as long a you make a point of signing up to a gambling site that does not delay winning payouts, when you make a withdrawal it should be paid out to you fairly quickly too.

But please do consider using another cryptocurrency, if you are looking for even more options in regards to here you can play and gamble online, for not every gambling site that does accept cryptocurrencies are going to be offering you the option to deposit and withdraw by Bitcoin Gold.

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