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BitGo the Cryptocurrency for Gamblers

Never underestimate the value to be had by carefully selecting just which cryptocurrency to use when you are actively seeking one as a way of moving money into and out of gambling sites.

If you simply sign up for the first digital wallet and cryptocurrency you come across, there is a very good chance you will end up paying a small fortune each time you buy additional holdings of that cryptocurrency and may be forced to pay some very high transactions costs too.

One cryptocurrency that many gamblers have very quickly warmed too and a great number of different gambling related sites now accept is BitGo.

What BitGo have been able to do and the main selling points of that cryptocurrency is that they have been able to do away with the delays that many gamblers experience when they are funding a casino, poker, betting or any type of gambling account online.

When using one of the more standard and better well know cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, you often are forced to wait for your transactions to be processed and confirmed on the blockchain and that in turns leads to some delays when funding your gambling site accounts or when you have requested a withdrawal back to your Bitcoin digital wallet.

When you set about using BitGo all transactions are performed in micro sections, and as such if you do make a deposit into any gambling site account it will show up as credits in your account when you use the BitGo cryptocurrency.

You can get hold of a BitGo digital wallet rapidly and with no delays and you can activate an account in less than a minute, and then as soon as you have funded that digital wallet you will have the peace of mind in knowing there are never going to be any delays when funding an account or when you withdraw winnings from any account at any gambling site that accepts it.

What you are also going to find that any gambling sites that does accept BitGo as a payment option, will also often offer instant withdrawals too, but make sure that any site you do decide to sign up to and play at does offer instant withdrawals and do not leave your withdrawals in a pending state for any amount of time.

If you do end up playing at a site that leaves your withdrawals pending or any amount of time, there is a chance that you will be tempted to reverse a withdrawal and continue to gamble.

It doesn’t need me to tell you that when reversing a withdrawal you do then run the risk of losing what you initially won, and more besides which is something that sadly a growing number of gamblers do end up doing!

So for instant deposits, hassle free cash outs then you will not go far wrong if you do make use of the BitGo digital wallet as your preferred payment option, so consider using it!

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