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Cashback Bonuses at Cryptocurrency Casinos

You are very quickly going to realise that the type and number of bonus offers that will be flowing your way at all cryptocurrency casinos is going to be huge, when you start looking for a casino site to play at.

There are however some bonuses that are never worth claiming, but every now and then a casino site will make available to you a bonus that does offer a set of reasonable terms and conditions that could increase your chances of winning.

However, there are some bonus types that are designed to give you something of a cushion if you experience a losing session, and let’s face it every casino game player is going to experience plenty of them!

As such, do ensure that you look out for bonuses that are designed as what are known as cashback bonuses, for they are going to allow you to claim something back if and when you opt into them but then have a losing session.

A cashback bonus if you have never come across one of them before is a bonus that is going to see the casino site you are playing at giving you back some or even all of your losses when you make a deposit and then lose that deposit.

The value of your cashback bonus will of course be determined by the casino site, but for example if you opt in to a 50% cashback bonus and if you deposit let’s says 100.00 and lose it all, then the casino will give you back 50.00 of that deposit.

But, and this is a very big but, the way in which you are awarded your cashback can and does vary at different casino sites!

Some casinos are more than happy to award you with your cashback as real cash credits, meaning that if you do not wish to use them to carry on playing your favourite casino games then you are allowed to withdraw them once it has been credited to your casino account.

There are some casino sites however that will credit you with your cashback not as real money credits but as bonus credits, which means you are then going to be faced with having to achieve a set of play through requirements before those bonus credits become real money credits, which you can then withdraw if  you so desire.

It is in the terms and conditions and any unique cash back bonus claiming and play rules that you are going to discover just how your cashback will be credited to your casino account, so always make a point of reading through those terms and conditions before opting into such a bonus.

An opt in bonus if you have never come across one before is a promotional offer that you must opt into before you start to play, and often before you make a deposit too, failing to opt into for example a cash back bonus will see you then not being able to get the cashback on offer!

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