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Cashing Out Your Bankroll Using a Litecoin ATM

As of the time of compiling this guide, there was a total of 931 different ATM’s spread all over the world all of which accept Litecoin transactions. That may not seem like that many ATM’s, but that is a total of 43.1% of the total number of cryptocurrency ATM’s currently in existence!

Now the number of ATM’s is going to rise quite noticeably in the coming months and years, and it is worth also noting that more and more of them that are installed in various different locations will also offer users a range of different fiat currency and cryptocurrency options too.

All Litecoin ATM’s have been designed to be as user friendly as is possible and as such you are never going to find it complicated to use one of them, and there will also be a step by step type of guide that will be displayed on the ATM screen to walk you through the entire process.

You can buy Litecoin using an ATM or you can sell your Litecoin holdings on the spot for the fiat currency in use in the country that machine is located in.

However, each Litecoin ATM is going to have its own limit in regards to how much Litecoin you can buy or sell, so do keep that in mind for there can be and often is a quite noticeable difference in the limits in place on such machines in different locations.

One thing that there is no getting way from in regards to using a Litecoin ATM, is transaction fees, those fees sadly can be quite high and on average you could pay anywhere from as little as 3% of the value of the transaction in fees or as high as 9% or even 10%, depending on which ATM you use and the operator of that machine!

The main attraction however of using a Litecoin ATM is that you are going to be able to turn your Litecoin holdings into cash instantly and on the spot. So if you have been gambling online recently and have been paid out a large amount of winnings in Litecoin you are not going to have to experience any delays turning it into cold hard cash

It is not only possible to sell your Litecoin and turn it into cash however when using such an ATM, for you can turn your fiat currency into Litecoin, which will be very handy if you are wary about using an online digital currency exchange.

With many gamblers not wanting to use their credit and debit cards for example as the way they deposit funds into any gambling site account, by using a Litecoin ATM anyone can top up their digital wallet with Litecoin quickly and easily and can then use that digital wallet to fund any type of gambling site account they have.

There is also the added advantage of all transactions performed at such ATM’s being anonymous too, as you are never forced to have to supply the operator of such a machine with copies of your identification documents, as is the case with digital currency exchanges!

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