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Classic Blackjack is a Low House Edge Game

I am often asked by Blackjack players just which of the many different variants that are available online from different cryptocurrency accepting casino sites are going to be the ones worth playing.

It doesn’t take a players with much experience of playing Blackjack to realise the variants on which the very lowest house edge is on offer, are always going to be the ones that they should get stuck into playing.

However, one of the most difficult things a player can do is to work out just what the house edges are going to be on a range of different online Blackjack games, for there are many different factors in regards to the way a game has been designed that will determine what the house edge will be.

To save you having to spend days or even weeks working out which online Blackjack game does offer the very lowest house edge, I am going to reveal to you that game is Microgaming’s single hand Classic Blackjack game!

The unique way that game has been designed by Microgaming is such, that if you do manage to track if down and the play it, by using the very best strategy possible, the house edge is going to be a tiny 0.16%! Therefore making it a game you really do need to play for extended play time and plenty of additional winning opportunities too.

As mentioned above, it is the single hand variant of the Microgaming designed Classic Blackjack game that does have that very low house edge, their multi-hand variant has more decks of playing cards in the shoe, and as such the house edge on that multi-hand variant is much higher!

As this is without a shadow of a doubt a Blackjack game you are going to want to play if you are a serious and avid real money Blackjack game player, let me now give you a quick run through of the rules attached to it.

Firstly the single hand Classic Blackjack game available from Microgaming uses just one single deck of playing cards in the shoe, and that deck is always shuffled fully before any new game is sent into live play though.

The Dealer has just one rule to abide by when dealing out his cards and playing off his hand and that is he is obliged to always stand when his hand has a total value of 17 or higher, that includes both soft and hard 17 valued hands!

Some variants of Blackjack allow players to double down no matter what the value of their first two playing cards are, however the Classic Blackjack game will only let players double down when their initial two cards are worth nine, ten or eleven so keep that in mind when playing this variant!

Players can also only split a hand one single time, but if they decide to split a pair of Aces they can draw multiple cards to each Ace in both of the two new hands formed!

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