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CryptoCoin Casino Jacks or Better Games

The oldest and most played video poker game variant is of course Jacks or Better. That is a game that anyone can very quickly master playing and each hand you play off will give you the chance of winning up to 4000 coins.

As the name of this game does imply for you to start receiving a set of payouts when playing it you will be faced with getting dealt out to you a five card poker hand that at the very least contains a pair of Jacks, and if you do then the payout you will be awarded with will be determined by the stakes you are playing for.

The vast majority of CryptoCoin casinos do offer the game of Jacks or Better in their game menu, and the way the game is designed is that you initially have to decide whether you want to play one to five coins per hand, and you will have the choice of selecting the coin values, and when done you simply click onto the deal button.

Five playing cards from a single deck are then dealt out to you, and you can hold or discard any of those five cards. When holding any of them they will be locked into place on the screen, and when you click onto the deal a second and final time the cards you didn’t hold are removed from the screen and new ones are then dealt out from the deck to replace them.

The pay table as you can see from the image up above is going to award a very varied different array of winning payouts, dependent completely on the value of the hand you have been dealt out and have formed.

There are a couple of ways that you are always going to find you get the best winning opportunities when playing Jacks or Better video poker at a CryptoCoin casino, the first is to always select a coin value setting that is going to allow you play five coins per hand, as that way you then benefit from that 4000 coin enhanced jackpot in regards to the Royal Flush hand.

Also, many CryptoCoin accepting casino sites will have a special auto hold setting which will ensure as soon you first five cards have been dealt out to you that game play feature then holds the best and most strategic cards for you.

One final thing to be aware of is that the most commonly utilized pay table for the Jackpot or Better video poker game variant, will return a payout percentage of 99.54% when played optimally over the long term.

However, there are some other pay tables that some casino sites could choose to make use of that could return a lower or higher long term payout percentage.

For example NetEnt software powered casino sites offer a variant of this game which has been designed with a payout percentage of a slightly higher 99.56%, so that is of course a slightly better variant to play!

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