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CryptoCoin Casinos with Bonus Deuces Wild

As soon as you start to play video poker games at any CryptoCoin casinos you are going to discover that when you master playing them you do get a very fair chance of winning.

It is an open secret that most if not all variants of video poker you can play online do come with some very impressive and high long term expected payout percentages, and there are plenty of different variants you can also get stuck into playing.

By taking a look at the pay table of each variant you do come across however, you will find that the vast majority of such games tend to offer a jackpot worth some 4000 coins, however if you are looking for a game that gives you the chance of winning much more, then I would encourage you to give the game of Bonus Deuces Wild a try.

That game offers a slightly better pay table than the standard  Deuces Wild video poker game, due to the fact that when you are lucky enough to have been dealt out any of the four Royal Flush hands, and you are playing five coins per hand, you win 5000 coins as opposed to 4000 coins.

This is however a variant you will have to hunt around for as not every single CryptoCoin casino you will come across online will have it available.

However, Microgaming, whose gaming platforms and games are on offer at variant casino sites have designed such a game, so you will have to find a casino using their instant play or downloadable gaming platform if you fancy giving it some play time online.

As soon as you do form any of the winning hand combinations when playing the Bonus Deuces Wild game however the game will then offer you the option of collecting those winnings associated with the hand you have been dealt out, of you can opt to gamble them via a playing card based gamble game.

When taking the gamble game option you are then going to be dealt out five playing cards, the first one is always dealt face up and the other four are dealt facing downwards.

You have to select any one of the four facing downwards cards in the hope that when it is revealed it has a higher face value that the first up facing card, and if so your base hands winning payout will be doubled, select a lower valued card  and you will lose those base game winnings though!

This game also has four wild cards in the deck, those playing card are not additional cards however as it is all of the 2 valued cards that will be wild and as such they can and will stand in for all other cards in the deck.

Taking a look at the pay table will enable you to see the additional hand combinations that those wild cards can enable you to form such as a five of a kind hand combination. When played optimally this game will return a long term expected RTP of some 99.15%

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