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Cryptocurrency Casino Deposit and Withdrawals Options

As someone who is actively seeking a cryptocurrency to use as the one you make deposits into and get paid out your winnings from any gambling site, you should carefully research the ones that are available to you.

What you will ideally be looking for is a cryptocurrency that isn’t too expensive to buy, one that does not have ridiculous volatility, meaning the value if your bankroll could bounce around all over the place, and also one that is readily accepted too.

As such and with all of the above in mind, today I want to walk you through the most popular cryptocurrencies that are used by gamblers all over the  world and also enlighten you on the reasons each of them are popular and why they may also be of use to you too.

BitGo – The BitGo digital currency is one that is going to appeal to gamblers who hate having to wait for any length of time until their deposits have been confirmed on a blockchain before their gambling site credits appear in their account.

As such by getting a BitGo digital wallet and when using it you are going to be able to make instant deposits into many gambling site accounts, and as such do away with any delays in your credits appearing in those accounts.

Bitcoin – The largest cryptocurrency by market capital is of course Bitcoin, and that is likely to remain the most used cryptocurrency for quite some time, and there is no getting away from the fact many gambling sites accept Bitcoin payments, but it is of course also one of the most expensive ones to buy and is very volatile too.

Bitcoin Cash – For all intents and purposes Bitcoin Cash is simply a fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain, however from a gamblers point of view it may be an ideal one to use if you have been put off using the parent cryptocurrency Bitcoin, due to its cost!

Bitcoin Gold – Another very recent fork of the Bitcoin blockchain is the one used by Bitcoin Gold and there are pros and cons of using Bitcoin Gold as your preferred deposit and withdrawal option, and in my additional guide on that cryptocurrency I will explain just what they are.

Ripple – Whilst the value of Ripple does obviously fluctuate, it is a cryptocurrency that is very reasonably priced, and currently it is usually bouncing around the one dollar mark, which may appeal to some gamblers, and there is a fixed supply of it too.

Litecoin – There does seem to be a large number of cryptocurrencies that are simply forks of Bitcoin, and Litecoin is another one of them. But plenty of gambling sites do accept it as a payment method and it may just be one you are interested in using.

Ethereum – One final cryptocurrency that is readily accepted at loads of different gambling sites is Ethereum, and that cryptocurrency is one that is widely used by investors, gamblers and those people wishing to buy and pay for goods and services across the globe.

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