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Cryptocurrency Slots with a Win-Win Bonus Feature

As a slot machine and slot game player in any playing environment, what you are going to have to get used to doing is taking the rough with the smooth. Sometimes you can do no wrong when playing slot games, and can have some very long and profitable gaming sessions.

However, the opposite can often be true too, and when you have been playing a slot for a fair amount of time and finally trigger its main bonus game, if that bonus game doesn’t pay anything out or just pays out a small amount of cash that can be a rather annoying experience and one you will not want to repeat!

Therefore if you do want to negate the possibility of you playing a slot game online and then triggering a bonus game that could end up paying you very little, or nothing at all then it is worth you tracking down some of the Real Time Gaming cryptocurrency slots that have something known as the Win-Win feature on offer on their bonus games.

Those slot games have been designed in such a way that as soon as you do finally trigger their respective bonus games, which could by anything including a set of free spins, if you win very little or nothing at all from those bonus games a bonus payout is automatically triggered.

If you play such a slot and do not win at least ten times the amount you had wagered on the spin that triggered and awarded you with a bonus game, when the bonus game has been played off, then a bonus payout is randomly selected and awarded to you which is going to be worth 5 to 100 times the stake you wagered on the triggering spin.

However, if you win nothing at all from that bonus game then you will get paid out 100 times the amount you wagered on the triggering spin.

As such you will find when playing such slots you will often find yourself sitting there hoping nothing is awarded to you from the bonus game,  rather than hoping you win a fair amount of cash, which is the opposite of how you usually play slot games!

It is usually Real Time Gaming software powered casinos that tend to be the ones that do also offer their players a range of different cryprtocurrency deposit options, and as such you will also find those casino sites do also tend to offer the highest valued slot game related bonus offers too.

But as there is also a free play demo mode log in option available at all casino sites that do offer the RTG gaming platforms and their range of games, so if you want to experience playing these types of slot games for free and at no risk what so ever, then that is always something that you are going to be able to do, to see if you enjoy the way the Win-Win feature plays and pays!

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