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Cryptocurrency Video Slots Offer Plenty of Fun

One decision that you are going to be faced with making when you log into any online casino site which accepts cryptocurrencies  is which games to play!

There are hundreds of different games available at such casino sites, and knowing which ones are going to provide the most fun, the best winning opportunities and plenty of entertainment from your bankroll is of course important.

I often find myself attracted to playing slot machines when gambling online, and over the years I would estimate that 90% of the slots I have ended up playing have been designed as video slots.

Video slot machines are easy to spot for they tend to offer a set of five reels and instead of them using a set of stepper type reels, and they use a video screen as the way that they display those reels.

The main attraction for players of video slots is that you do tend to have a much greater array of staking options, and you are often freely able to choose just how many of the available pay lines you put into play, so no matter what your bankroll you will find video slots can be configured to be affordable slots.

However, the one main difference between video slots and all other types of slot machines is that they offer bonus games and/or bonus features, so as you are playing off each spin you can then go onto trigger an additional bonus game or feature on which some large winning payouts can be awarded to you.

The types of bonus games available can and do vary, however many video slots offer sets of free spins, pick and match or pick and win styled bonus games, and you will also find a plethora of them that can also award you with a wheel spinning type of bonus games.

Much like all other slot machines however, one thing to keep in mind about video slot games is that they will have all been designed to return a certain payout percentage to players over the long term, which means a percentage of players stakes is paid back out to players over the long term.

It does of course go without saying that the very best video slots to play at any cryptocurrency casino site will be those that have been designed with the very highest of payout percentages.

As a general rule, I stick to playing slots that have at the very least a payout percentage of 97% or higher, as that way there will always be a fair and very reasonable chance I will get plenty of winning spins coming in and over the long term I get more payouts from those higher paying slots.

If you have yet to play video slots then keep in mind when you sign up to cryptocurrency casino sites you are going to have the ability and option of test driving them for free and at no risk, so consider doing so sooner rather than later, for I do think you are going to love the way video slot machines play and pay and you will find them exciting slots to play too!

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