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Deuces Wild Poker at CryptoCoin Casinos

It isn’t going to prove difficult for you to find a CryptoCoin accepting casino site that will offer you plenty of different video poker games, for most if not all of those casino sites will have plenty of different variants for you to try out and play.

However, if you like playing some of the more unusual variants then feast your eyes over the following guide, for by doing so I am going to be giving you an insight into what the Deuces Wild video poker game has to offer players.

The Deuces cards are all of the four playing cards in a standard deck that have a value of 2, and when playing the Deuces Wild video poker game variant those cards are going to act as wild cards.

That does of course mean that when compared to most other video poker game pay tables the one on offer on this game has many more winning hand combinations that could be formed, with the help of those four wild cards.

You may never have actually played video poker games before, and if you are the type of player who plays for example slot machines, there is one major benefit of opting to play video poker games and that is their respective payout percentages are way higher than any slot machine will ever have on offer!

The industry standard pay table in use on most Deuces Wild video poker games has been designed to return to players over the long term, a payout percentage of a huge 99.37%, however please do be aware that different CryptoCoin casinos could have a much lower paying pay table attached to their Deuces Wild video poker game.

In fact, you will come across both a single hand and multi-hand variant of Deuces Wild at some casino sites, and each of those games could have a different pay table attached to them.

The image you can see above for example is of the Microgaming deigned single hand Deuces Wild video poker game and that game has a payout percentage of some 96.76% but when you choose to play their multi-hand variant of that game you will find it is that variant that comes with a much higher RTP of 99.73%!

If on any hand you do play off you are dealt out all four of the 2 valued cards and you are playing five coin hands then you will be paid out 1000 coins.

So one thing to keep in mind if you are used to playing or example the Jacks or Better video poker game variant is that the Deuces Wild variant does call for a slightly different playing strategy to achieve the optimal winning payouts.

To enable you to never make any game play error such as discarding or holding the wrong cards when you have been dealt out your initial five cards, you should turn on and activate the auto hold optional setting. As by doing so the game will scan your initial hand and automatically hold the very best and most strategic cards for you!

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