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Ethereum is a now a Casino Deposit Method

US based casino players who fancy trying their luck at an online casino site are going to be limited in regards to just how many casino sites they can sign up to and play at, and not many casinos are set up to process credit and debit card deposits made by such players.

As such there have always been a handful of different payment options you could try and use in regards to funding a casino account if you are based in the US, but there have always been some excessive fees associated with using some of those payment methods.

That is until cryptocurrencies came along, and as such if you are a player who wants to sign up and play at a casino site from the USA then I do think it may be worth your time and effort using a cryptocurrency to allow you to make deposits and withdrawal your winnings from such a site.

One of the many better known cryptocurrencies is of course Ethereum, and it isn’t going to be difficult for you to start using that digital currency, for all that you need to do is following the following step by step guide and you will be good and ready to start playing your favourite casino games online and for real money in a matter of minutes!

To start using Ethereum as the way you fund your casino site account accounts get yourself a digital wallet, there are plenty of them you can use and they cost nothing to download onto your computer or mobile device.

Once you have a digital wallet it will have its own unique digital currency address, and you will need to make a note of that address when you set about buying Ethereum initially.

You buy Ethereum from a digital currency exchange, and you can buy any unit of it you wish to buy and can use all manner of different payment methods to buy it too.

The digital currency exchange is going to accept your payment and will then charge you a small fee on top of the purchase price of the unit of Ethereum you wish to buy and once your payment has been processed it then is sent out to your digital wallet, using the unique digital address of that wallet you supplied to the exchange.

Once you have both a digital wallet and one containing your Ethereum then all that remains for you to do so is to find a casino site that accepts Ethereum, for reference there are lots of them available so you will have the choice in regards to which software you can use and which gaming platform and range of games you enjoy playing the most.

The casinos banking interface is going to process your transactions into the casino using Ethereum and as such simply follow the on screen instructions to get you deposits transferred out of your digital wallet into your casino account. If and when you win by the way you can also request your winnings are paid back into your digital wallet which many casinos do so instantly and in real time!

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