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How do Free Spins Casino Bonuses Work?

When you are offered a free set of slot spins as a promotional offer from any CryptoCoin accepting casinos, you need to be aware that they are not simply giving you access to demo mode games on which the winnings are paid out a demo mode credits!

They are in fact giving you a complimentary set of spins on a real money slot machine, and as such with a little bit of luck in playing you could win for real as you play them off!

However, there are always going to be terms and conditions attached to such a promotional offer, and the devil as they say, in always in the detail!

As such in this guide I will be letting you know which, if any, free spins promotional offers are going to be worth claiming, but also let you know what makes such an offer never worth claiming too.

If you have to make a deposit to enable you to claim a free set of spins, then tread very carefully, for often the winnings you achieve from such spins will be awarded a bonus credits, which means that both the winnings from those free set of slot game spins and your deposit could be at risk via those play through requirements!

In fact, if you are given a set of free spins on any slot machine without the need to make a deposit then there will be a very good chance any winnings you achieve will be then subject to a play through requirement before you can cash them out!

To limit the chance of a casino site having to pay out a huge amount of cash to a player who does beat the odds and manages to win a sizeable amount of cash from a set of free spins, most of those types of promotional offers will come with a maximum cash out rule too!

So if you win thousands of Pounds, Dollars or Euros from a free set of slot game spins and there are any maximum cash out rules in place on them, then you are only ever going to be able to withdraw a tiny percentage of those winnings!

One other little trick that some casino sites may try and pull when you are offered a set of free spins when making a deposit into those sites, is to not activate every single pay line on the slot those free spins are credited too.

You may find that a 100 pay line slot game is used as the slot the free spins are credited too, but after making a deposit you then find only five or ten of the pay lines are activated for the free set of spins!

Therefore always check the terms and conditions to discover if there are any maximum cash out rules, how many pay lines you will have activated and also the coin values and number of coins per line in place on those spins, and whether the winnings you achieve are credited as real money credits or bonus credits.

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