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Give Super Fun 21 Blackjack a Try!

I want you to have as much information available to you, to ensure that when you are looking to play games such as Blackjack, you will be able to tell if any variants you come across are worth playing or not.

As such this guide is going to be taking a look at the game of Super Fun 21 Blackjack, for it is a game you will find available at many different Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accepting casino sites, but you may be tempted to play it due to the bonus payouts you may be awarded with when playing it.

However, this game is sadly one that does some with something of a fairly high house edge. That house edge when you play it perfectly is 0.94%, which when compared to other casino games is appealing, but not when you compare it to some other Blackjack game variants!

The way in which Super Fun 21 Blackjack has been designed is as a single deck game, and as such there are only 52 playing cards in the deck of this game, but when playing online that deck is always shuffled before you a new game is sent into live play.

In regards to the way that the Dealer has to play his hand, any soft 17 hand or any hand that has a total lower than a soft 17 will always see the Dealer being forced to have to hit those hands.

The winning payout for a players Blackjack hand is quite low at just even money, however if that hand is in the suit of Diamonds the payout is 2 to 1 instead, and at all times a Players Blackjack hand will always beat a Dealers Blackjack hand.

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The Dealers plays this game with a Hole Card, and is therefore always going to peek at his down facing card when his up facing card is a 10 valued card or an Ace.

The Dealer will offer players insurance which costs a player half of their initial stake if they want to place that side bet and the payout odds if it is a winning one are 2 to 1. Also, Late Surrender is going to be offered by the Dealer to players no matter how many cards are in their hand.

The bonus payouts that are on offer without the need to place any type of side bet include a 2 to 1 instant payout is a player has five cards or more in his hand that total 21. There is also the 2 to 1 winning payout for a Players Blackjack hand in the suit of Diamonds.

If a player has at least six playing cards in their hand, and the total value of that hand is 20 or less, then that hand is instantly declared to be the winning hand.

Whilst this game may be appealing to players due to the fact it uses just one single deck of playing cards in the shoe and those bonus payouts that players can receive its high house edge will put many players off playing it online!

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