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Hold’em High Casino Card Game

There are some similarities between Hold’em High Poker available at a lot of Bitcoin and other digital currency accepting casinos and video poker, for it is a game you are not playing against other players or the Dealer you are simply trying to form a hand as listed on the pay table.

The game is however one that does require players to place an Ante Bet to get the game underway, and once you have done so by clicking onto the Deal button two face up cards are dealt out to you and five face down cards too.

You are then given the option of either folding your hand and losing your initial stake or playing on, you can call your hand which requires no additional wager, or if you prefer and think your hand could turn out to be a good one, then you can raise your hand.

Three face down cards will be then turned over and you have to then decide whether to fold, raise or call you bet once more another card is then revealed and one final round of betting is then played out.

The only thing you will want to happen when the games comes to its final stage is that your two initial cards and any three of the five now up facing cards form a winning poker hand as listed on the pay table and if you so will then win the associated payout as listed on the games pay table.

The best paying hand you could form is of course a Royal Flush hand, and the payout for that winning hand is a high 500 to 1. As such it is possible to win some large amounts of cash when playing this game but without the need to beat other players or even the Dealer.

Getting More Playing Value

As there is a chance that you could form a very high paying hand when playing Holden High Poker online, then you should consider if there are going to be any risks associated with you claiming any bonuses you can use on this game form any online casino sites.

One of the main risks is that the play through requirements attached to such bonuses are often very high, and as such even if you do win big at an early stage of playing this game on any one single session, you do risk losing all of those winnings back whilst trying to achieve the play through requirements.

One good way to get additional playing value, but without any real risks is to forget about claiming bonuses but play at a casino site that is going to offer you a fair number of comp points when you play this game and a casino site that has generous redemption rates for turning points into playing credits too!

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