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New Bitcoin Bingo Side Games

You may not be aware, but when you play bingo at a Bitcoin Bingo site, the software is going to dab off all of the numbers you have on any of your purchased bingo cards for you as soon as they are drawn out of the bingo machine.

As such when playing bingo at such a site you simply have to sit back and watch each game being played off, and will not be required to sit there dabbing away at each bingo card and scanning each card for numbers that are on your cards that have just been called out by the caller!

Therefore you may find you get a little bit bored of playing bingo games, unless of course you keep on winning! However, to ensure you do get plenty of additional ways of winning all Bitcoin bingo sites will have a range of side games that you can play too.

Those bingo side games are going to launch and load directly into the bingo room you are playing in, so you will not have to stop playing bingo to access them, as you can play them alongside the bingo game you have chosen to play.

The range and types of bingo side game you can play really are quite varied but most of them however are identical to the games you can play at an online casino site.

As such if you like playing casino games such as Blackjack, Slot Machines or Video Poker games or even Roulette games then you are always going to find such games can be played.

There are lots of brand new bingo side games available, and many of those new games will include bonus game awarding slot games, which can and will eventually award you with some form of exciting and potentially huge paying bonus game.

However do be on the lookout for side games that have a progressive jackpot attached and on offer on them, as you could win a life changing amount of money when playing those games, and they do not necessarily come with high staking options.

So if you fancy playing side games but for some very low stakes then you will be pleased to learn that most of the bingo side games you will come across can be played for stake levels as low as just one penny!

There are also some very unique types of side games you will come across and some of the most unusual ones are the new breed of animated scratchcard games. Those games are easy to play off and are much more exciting to play and offer much higher paybacks than scratchcard game you can buy from a local shop!

If playing bingo and an additional range of unique and exciting side games is something you do fancy doing, then make sure you claim and then make use of the bonuses that can be used on both bingo games and those side games as you will get more value and play time from your deposits when you do so!

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