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New Bitcoin Triple Edge Poker Game

You will find when playing the Triple Edge Poker game, that is exclusively found in the gaming suite of casino sites utilizing the Betsoft Gaming range of games, you can play up to three hands per single game, and as such that game is a multi-hand game.

One thing you do need to know about Triple Edge Poker is that there are three different ways of playing it, you can play just the Ante game, or play just the Pairs Plus game or if you like you can place both an Ante and Pairs Plus bet together in the same game.

The Ante bet game is one on which you do of course first need to place an Ante bet to set the game running, and by doing so you will then be dealt out three playing cards, that are randomly selected from the deck of cards, the Dealer get dealt out three cards too but they are all dealt face down.

You then have to make a decision, and that is whether to fold your hand and by doing so you will lose your initial Ante bet, or you can choose to play on by clicking onto the Ride button, by doing so a bet of the same amount as your initial Ante bet is then added onto the Call betting box displayed on the screen.

Once you choose to play on then the Dealers three playing cards are flipped over, and if that hand does not contain at least a Queen high ranking then the Dealers hand does not qualify and the Ante bet you have placed is paid out at odds of even money and your Ride/Call bet is a push and you get it paid back out to you.

You will course be hopping that the Dealers hand does qualify when you have a high ranked hand, for if it does quality then if your hand is a higher ranked poker hand a range of different pay-outs are awarded to your Ante and your Ride bet based on the ranking of your three-card poker hand.

The Pairs Plus is a game played separately than the Ante bet, and as such if you have placed that bet you will of course need to know how you stand a chance of winning.

Well, the way the Pairs Plus bet has been designed is that it doesn’t matter what cards the Dealer is holding it is purely and solely the value of your three cards that will determine if a winning pay-out is coming your way.

The way in which the Pairs Plus hand will be a winning one is if it simply contains a hand ranked as a pair or any higher ranked hand, the higher the hand ranking the bigger the pay-out odds will be. As such when playing that bet you have no betting or playing decisions to make.

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