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Oasis Poker Bitcoin Card Game

Oasis Poker is one of many different poker game variants that you are going to find on offer at several Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency accepting casino sites.

If you have played a few other casino poker card games in the past then you will find that Oasis Poker does have some similarities to Caribbean Stud Poker, as it is for all intents and purposes a variant of that game.

As you may be interested in giving this game any amount of play time, then I will enlighten you below as to the way it plays and pays, so you can make your own mind up as to whether it is a poker game you will enjoy playing, or at least understand how it operates!

Much like all other poker card games there is a requirement for players to place an ante bet before they can actively get involved in playing Oasis Poker, and as such you can place a wager of any size if it is somewhere in between the minimum and maximum bet amount permitted at the casino you are playing at.

This game does use a single deck containing the standard 52 playing cards, and those cards are always shuffled before a new game is sent into live play. It is of course a random number generator that does determine just which cards are dealt out to players, so above all else the game is completely fair and random.

Once you have placed your ante wager then by clicking onto the deal button you will then be dealt out your initial five cards hand, and the Dealer will then deal to himself his five playing cards, be aware though that the Dealers hand is dealt with found face down cards and on upwards facing card.

Once all cards have been dealt out then you are faced with making one of three playing or betting decisions, once of which is to play your hand, the other is to surrender your hand and lose your ante bet or you will be allowed to swap your cards.

By opting to play on with the hand you have been dealt you simply pay a raise bet which is going to cost you double the amount of your ante bet. For the game to play on and for you to have a chance of winning with your raise bet the Dealers hand must contain at the very least a King and Ace to qualify if not your raise bet is returned to you and your ante bet is paid out at even money.

The option to swap cards is of course an interesting one and that feature does make this game a rather strategic one. There is however the requirement to pay an additional fee when swapping cards and if you swap all five cards that cost is the ante bet plus the raise bet.

But when swapping three cards you have top pay an additional stake of three times the ante bet, swapping one card costs just your ante bet as the additional fee, and when swapping two or four cards the additional fee is two times the ante bet only.

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