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How to Play Big Five Blackjack

When you stumble across Blackjack games that you have never played before you will always be best advised to see how each of them have been designed, for they may offer a playing structure and format that appeals to you and your playing style.

Cryptocurrency accepting casinos have made a real concerted effort recently to ensure they do offer their players the maximum choice in regards to the number and variety of different games they have on offer.

As such one Blackjack game variant that you are bound to come across as such sites is the Big Five Blackjack game, on which a set of unique game play rules can be found.

However, the very first aspect of that game I should bring to your attention is that it has been designed to return a house edge to the casino of 0.47%, which is not as low as some other variants of Blackjack, but not as high as some others too!

You may be wondering just what differences there are between the Big Five Blackjack game and most other variants, and as such here are the game play rules and the basic structure of the game.

Five full decks of playing cards are in use in the deck of this variant, and when playing it online the cards will always be fully shuffled before a new game is sent into live play.

The Dealer has no other option but to hit any hand that he deals himself that has a combined total of a soft 17 or lower. Players however can of course stand their hands irrespective of the value of those hands.

Insurance is paid out at odds of 2 to 1, when a player is dealt out an unmatched Blackjack hand he or she receives a payout of 3 to 2 and every other winning players hand receives a winning payout worth even money.

No matter what the value of the first two cards a player receives to their hand they are able to double down and they are also fully allowed to double down their hands when they have split a pair of cards too.

All pairs with the exception of Aces can be split up to three times, and any pair of Aces can only ever be split once, with one card only being dealt out to any split Ace.

Another aspect of the Big Five Blackjack game you could or may find appealing is that players are allowed to surrender their hand and get half of their stake money paid back out to them when they do so, but they cannot surrender their hand if the Dealers initial card is an Ace.

One final thing to bring to your attention is that if you split a pair of tens or Aces and get dealt out an Ace or ten card respectively to those split cards the winning payout,  if those hands win, is even money and not 3 to 2.

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