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Play Bitcoin Casino War

It can often be the simplest casino games to play that many card players will make a beeline towards playing, and one game that you are going to find an absolute breeze to play is Casino War.

The way in which that game has been designed is one on which you simply need to choose a chip value to bet, and by placing it onto the betting layout on the Ante betting box and then clicking onto the Deal button the Dealer then deals out one card to you and one to himself.

The card that has the highest valued is the winning one, and if that is your hand you are paid out at odds of even money on your initial bet.

You can also choose to place a tie bet, which is a winning one when both your hand and the Dealers have the exact same value. The tie bet can payout at different odds depending on the casino site you have chosen to play at, but the one in our example you can see on the above image pays out at odds of 10 to 1.

If your initial card and that of the Dealers is the same value you can either surrender your hand and get half of your money back on your Ante Bet, or raise the bet to play on which costs you another stake equal to your initial one. When you do play on and raise your bet another card is dealt out to you and the Dealer to determine the outcome of that game.

Earn Comps Playing Casino War

Due to the ease at which you can play Casino War and the likelihood that you can often experience some very long and drawn out gaming sessions playing it, one thing you should be looking for in regards to where to play it is a casino site that awards generous comp points to real money card game players.

By doing so you will then be rewarded with comp points, dependent on the value of each stake you place, and those comp points do still get awarded to you if your hand is a winning one or a losing one.

A casino site that does offer a large number of comps to Casino War players must also have a reasonable redemption rate for turning your points into playing credits to see you getting the maximum playing value, so that is another thing you will need to check.

Bonuses could be available to you at some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency casino sites to play this game with, but often the play through requirements are so very high on such bonuses you may find they offer no real playing value and as such you should try and avoid claiming such bonuses online!

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