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Play Bitcoin Poker Pursuit

You may enjoy playing casino games that call for a well thought out strategy, and games on which you betting and playing decisions can have a direct out on how much you can win.

If that is the case then allow me to introduce to you the game of Poker Pursuit. This is going to be a game that you will find available at any casino sites offering their players the range of Microgaming designed card and table games, and it may just turn out to be a game you do enjoy playing online.

Poker Purist, as its name suggests is a casino card game based around the game of poker, and what you are going to be hoping happens when you play it, is that you have been dealt out a five card poker hand that is a high ranked one.

By getting deal out a ranked poker hand so you then win one of the payouts as listed on the pay table. However, when playing this game you have to make some decisions in regards to how you play off each stage of the game.

Your very first decision is to choose a stake level at which to play it for, you do that simply by clicking onto the coin value button and then select the value of coin you wish to have in play. Next, you simply click onto the deal button and five playing cards will then be dealt out to you.

Poker Pursuit Betting and Playing Decisions

On the initial deal only three of the five cards are going to be facing upwards, and you then have to use your skill and judgement to try and predict if when all five cards have been revealed it will be one of those hands that are listed on the pay table.

If you think it could be then you should raise your bet, but by doing so you will then have to wager another stake onto the currency game which is going to be the same value as your initial bet, and by doing so you will then get to find out what your fourth card is.

If you are not 100% sure your hand will be a winning one, you can call instead of raising your bet, and by doing so the fourth card will be revealed to you but without you having to pay anything to see it.

It is at the moment in time that fourth card is revealed to you that you then have to make your final playing and betting decision, that decision will be whether to raise your bet one final time, and that bet will cost you the same amount as your original bet or call instead, and whichever of those two options you choose your fifth card will then be revealed to you.

If your hand is any of those as listed on the pay table you will win the associated payout, depending on whether you have wagered one, two or three coins in total on that hand.

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