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Play Microgaming’s New Wacky Panda Slot

I was expecting a little more from the Wacky Panda slot when I heard that Microgaming had launched another new slot, for I have become very used to them designing high tech slots on which all manner of new and never seen before bonus games and bonus features are on offer.

Upon closer inspection of that new slot I found it was a three reel slot on which there is just one single pay line, so by no stretch of the imagination could it be called an all singing and all dancing slot game, however I will let you know what it has to offer players below.

The pay table is located at the side of the screen and one thing worth knowing about this slot is that the more coins you have chosen to stake on the base games single pay line, the higher in value each of that pay tables winning combinations payouts do become.

Whilst in most cases the payouts are multiplied by x2 when you play two coins when compared to the single coin pay table and are multiplied by x3 when playing three coins, the jackpot payout is 1000 coins for a one coin spin, 2000 coins for a two coin spin but is enhanced to 3333 coins for a three coins spin.

You are not going to find anything about the Wacky Panda slot game in any way complicated or hard to understand, but you will be able to play around with some of the player adjustable option settings if you so desire and one that you may wish to make use of is the auto play feature.

Just make sure that if you do want to sit back and then watch any number of spins playing off automatically you first choose the coin values and the number of coins you wish to wager per spin and then choose just how many spins you want the auto play feature to play off for you!

One reason why you may find it advantageous to use the auto play setting is when you have a huge amount of bonus credits in your casino account, and you have to achieve a play through requirement before you can cash any winnings achieved out of your casino account!

In regards to just which types of casino bonuses are going to be the very best ones for you to claim to use on the Wacky Panda slot I would steer you to claiming and then making use of some deposit match bonuses, ideally those offering your at the very least 100% of your deposited amount as bonus credits!

For those of you who are not yet 100% convinced that this slot is going to be one you will find fun or exciting to play, I would suggest you give it a little bit of play time but by using the demo mode version of the slot, as that way you can then judge for yourself if it will be worth playing it for real money or not!

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