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How to Play Progressive Blackjack

It is very true to say that Blackjack is one of those games that are going to give you something of a rollercoaster type of gambling experience.

You will find the pace of the game rather relaxed and leisurely and certainly not fast and furious, and you often find your bankroll doesn’t suddenly massively increase in value due to some mega sized winning payouts, which can happen when playing for example slot machines.

Most variants of Blackjack tend to offer nothing larger that a 3 to 2 winning payout when you are dealt out a winning Blackjack hand, but there are a handful of different variants that do offer some side betting opportunities that have much higher potential payouts on offer via those side bets.

However, there are also going to be a rather small but nonetheless interesting range of progressive Blackjack games you can get stuck into playing at many different cryptocurrency accepting casino sites, and one game I do enjoy playing every now and then is the Triple 7’s game.

The one important aspect of playing Triple 7’s Blackjack is that there is a obligatory side bet requirement when you are playing off each hand, and that side bet wager is going to cost you a fixed 1.00. It is a game that can be played in many different currency values, so your 1.00 side bet wager will of course be in the currency you have chosen to set your casino account at.

In exchange for that side bet wager you do then have the chance of bagging the every rising progressive jackpot that you can see ticking away and increasing in value at the top of the game screen.

But in addition to you having the chance of walking off with that progressive jackpot several other bonus winning payouts could also be awarded to you, as you play.

It is the value of the cards that are dealt out to you initially that will determine whether you are going to win any of those bonus payouts, and with that in mind I shall now enlighten you as to just which cards you do need to be dealt out to bag any of those bonus winning side bet payouts.

If your first initial card that is dealt out to you when playing Triple 7’s Blackjack is any 7 card in any suit you instantly receive a bonus payout worth 5.00. If two 7 cards in any mixed suits are dealt out to you, once again as your first two initial cards that bonus winning payout jumps in value to 25.00.

Two 7 cards of the same suit however awards a payout of 50.00, and if you are lucky enough to get three 7 cards dealt out to your hand as your first three cards and they are in mixed suits the bonus payout becomes 250.00, if they are in the suit of Clubs, Spades or Hearts that bonus payout is worth 1000.00.

To win the progressive jackpot however you need to have been dealt out to your hand as your very first three cards three 7 cards that are in the suit of Diamonds.

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