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Play Progressive Roulette Online

You only need to correctly predict a handful of numbers that will be spun in when playing casino table games such as Roulette at a cryptocurrency casino site to turn a small deposit into a mega sized winning payout.

There are all manner of different types of Roulette games available to online players, and they can and do include the more standard variants such as the American, French and European games.

However, you are going to be tempted to play one of the progressive Roulette games when you see them available in the games menu at any casino site you are playing at, for those games do offer what could turn out to be a life changing jackpot, which any player does have the chance of winning.

When playing such games in a brick and mortar land based casino however, the way in which you can win the progressive jackpot can often be a little confusing.

I have come across one variant that required you to have to first place a side bet, and then hope that the machine randomly selects you as having a chance of winning the jackpot, and if you have been selected the machine would then select a number from those on the wheel.

You then have to hope that the number selected for you is the one that spins in! To be perfectly honest those types of Roulette games are not very appealing as the odds of you winning something from your side bet wager are tiny, which results in your side bet having a huge house edge attached to it.

There are however some much easier to understand progressive Roulette games available online, and one that should give you plenty of excitement and additionally and much more importantly plenty of winning opportunities is the Roulette Royale game.

When playing that game however on each spin of the wheel you play off a forced 1.00 side bet is required to be placed, but you do then have the chance of not only winning the progressive jackpot but also a range of bonus winning payouts too.

The side bet wager revolves around any one single number that is spun in more than once on a series of consecutive spins. As such if a number spins in twice on the trot your side bet wager awards you with an initial bonus payout worth 15.00.

You side bet wager stays on the betting layout for the next spin, and if that very same number then spins in a third time you get a bonus side bet payout worth a much larger 200.00!

What you will then be hoping for is the very same number then spins in again, for if it does so you are then awarded with 3000.00, and that side bet then stays in place for another spin.

If that next spin sees the same number spinning in once again then you will be awarded with the progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter, which will be a huge amount of cash!

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