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How to Play Slot Machines Optimally

There are some huge risks you are going to be taking when playing slot machines. However, as long as you are aware of those risks, and pay careful attention to the slot machines you do play, you can often get some long and entertaining slot playing sessions, and could end up winning big too!

In this guide I want to enlighten you on how to play slot machines in such a way that you will be playing them optimally, and will get a much greater chance of winning, or at least getting a decent amount of play time from your gambling budget.

Each slot machine found in licensed and regulated casino sites, which are by the way the only casino sites you should be playing at, will have been designed to be random, and over the long term return to players a set amount of their stakes as winning payouts.

Obviously, not each player individually is going to achieve those payout percentages during any one or more slot playing sessions, but over the long term each slot machine will arrive at that payout percentage one way or another.

To give yourself the chance of getting more play time and more winning spins you should be aiming to play slots that have a certified and fully published payout percentage in excess of 97%. Obviously the higher the payout percentage the more of your and every other players stakes are going to be paid out as winning payouts.

Also, most online slots are designed as multi-denomination slots, meaning that you can pick and choose the coin values at which you play them for.

One category of slot game you will come across are bonus game awarding video slots, and they will be offering you one or more bonus games as you play them, usually when you spin in a certain number of scatter symbol or bonus symbols.

The best way to play such slots to have a very reasonable chance of triggering their respective bonus games it to set the coin denomination on the slot you are playing and also the number of paylines you activate in such a way that you are guaranteed to get around 150 spins from your bankroll.

By doing so you will stand a much greater chance of triggering what could turn out to be a high paying bonus game when you do play off at least 150 base game spins than you ever would when playing off say 25 spins!

Try and steer clear of playing progressive slot machines if the jackpots on offer on them are rarely won, for it is way too easy to pump in a huge amount of cash into such slots and never win the jackpot you have been feeding with your stakes.

If you cannot resist playing regressive slot machines, then make a beeline to play those that have a jackpot that is going to be awarded to players before it reaches a certain value, and try and play them when the current jackpot is as close as possible to the guaranteed hit by amount!

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