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Responsible Gambling

As a responsible gambling news and information website operator we would like to draw to your attention a range of services that you can make use of, if you feel you have a gambling related problem, or for help and advice if anyone you know or care is experiencing any type gambling related problem too.

Gambling does of course involve risks, and whilst many people look at gambling as an enjoyable pastime there are some people who find themselves gambling more than they can afford, and become obsessed with gambling in any shape of form.

One organisation that has a long and solid track record in helping anybody with gambling related problems is Gamblers Anonymous, and another charitable organisation is GamCare.

You will find a huge wealth of information on their support services on their respective websites, which I would urge to you visit and make use of if you do feel your gambling activities have got out of hand.

Be aware that each gambling site that is licensed and regulated is required by law to ensure they know the identity and age of their customers.

As such you will at all times need to be at the very least the minimum age to gamble at those sites, and when requested to do so, you will be required to send into them copies of your identification documents too.

Many Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities that do issue license to a range of different gambling sites, also insist that customers of those sites have access to a range of different gambling limit option settings.

As such if you want to ensure that you are always in control in regards to how long you gamble at those sites, how much you are prepared to deposit on any single session and also put into place some gambling loss limits, then make sure you make use of those settings.

You will also have the option at many different gambling sites of self excluding yourself. When you take the self exclusion route you will be requesting that you account is closed at that gambling site and under no circumstances will you ever be allowed to gamble at that site again.

If you do attempt to open up additional accounts at any gambling site you have self excluded yourself from then those accounts will be closed when discovered, and at no time will you be allowed to profit from gambling activities if you do manage to open another account at those sites, so any winnings you do manage to achieve will be voided out.

If you do however enjoy gambling every now and then one of the best ways to ensure that you always do stay in control is by setting aside a gambling bankroll and gambling budget and always be prepared to stick to it.

One final thing to be aware of is that each gambling site may make available to you bonuses and promotional offers, always read through the terms and conditions of such bonuses and promotional offers to ensure you are fully aware of how to claim them and how to use them and any additional playing or betting rules too.