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Strategies for Playing Roulette

There is a story, that a Monk invented the game of Roulette, and having designed that game he then spent the rest of his life trying to devise a system to beat it, which eventually drove him clinically insane!

Now, one thing you will not want to do when playing Roulette online, or for that matter in any playing environment is become insane yourself, however many players can get very angry when the wheel is not spinning their way and that is something that could happen to you too.

With that thought in the forefront of your mind I would like you to read through this guide to the best strategies to adopt when you are next in a Roulette game playing frame of mind.

By doing so you will discover which the best Roulette game variants are to play and which ones you should avoid, and also which bets are least likely to prove to be winning ones.

The first thing to be aware of is that no two Roulette games are designed in the exact same way. Take for example the American Roulette game, that game uses a wheel on which there is both a single zero and additionally a double zero.

The house edge attached to that game is a huge 5.26% which is comparable to some slot machines. A much better game to track down and play at a cryptocurrency accepting casino site is the European Roulette.

As that game has only got one single zero on its wheel the house edge you will be up against is just 2.70%, which is a fairly reasonable house edge and one that should appeal to all players.

However, as online casino sites have lower overheads than that of land based ones, and their players are able to spend much longer playing at those sites from the comfort of their own homes, you will often find another variant of Roulette at many a casino site.

That variant is French Roulette, apart from the fact that all of the betting positions located on the betting layout are in French, this game is very similar to the European variant but with one unique difference.

That difference is in regards to what happens when a zero has been spun in and you have bet on any of the even money betting locations. If you do for example place a wager on let’s say the Odd numbers betting position and a zero is then spun in one of two thing will happen, depending on the rules of that French Roulette game.

You will either get half of your losing stakes paid back out to you, or the bet that you placed on the odd numbers spinning in stays in place on the betting layout, until such a time that a zero is not spin in.

The house edge on each of the even money paying betting positions by virtue of each of those two rules is just 1.35%, which if you do tend to place those types of bets is a house edge not to be ignored!

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