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Top Tips for Playing Video Poker

The speed at which you can play off each hand of video poker you play at any cryptocurrency casino site is going to be amazing.

In fact, even those the vast majority of variants come with high payout percentages, when you do play rapidly if you hit a dry run you can soon find your casino balance dwindling away!

There are a few little hints and playing tips if you are fairly new to playing video poker games online, and below I am going to be sharing them with you, so read on and try and pay attention!

Let me start by giving you a little word or warning in regards to casino bonuses, when you are new to gambling online you will often find that when you make your very first deposit at most casino sites using any cryptocurrency, a bonus will be made available to you.

Those bonuses can in fact be very tempting, for you could for example come across one that is going to double the value of your deposit with bonus credits.

However, games such as video poker, due to them having such a very high payout percentage will often be games you cannot play with bonus credits, and if you can do the play through requirements you have to achieve before you can withdraw any winnings can be huge!

With that in mind I would urge caution when claiming bonuses, for the play through requirements can often offset the high payout percentages.

There are of course dozens of different variants of video poker you can play online, each of which will have different pay tables attached with them, and some could offer wild cards in their decks which affect the number and type of winning hand combinations you can be dealt out.

There is only one video poker game you should play at any casino site you end up playing at, and that is going to be the one offering the highest possible payout percentage.

To find out what the payout percentages are on each of the video poker games at any casino site you will often need to hunt that information down, either on the game play rules or by looking them up on a casino website.

Another very handy feature that some casinos have on offer on their video poker games is an option setting called the auto hold feature.

If you choose to activate that particular option setting then it is impossible of you to make any game playing errors that could lower the RTP of the game you are playing!

The auto hold feature will simply hold automatically for you the best cards that have been dealt out to you from your initial five cards, and as such you simply have to click onto the deal button a second time to finish off that game, safe in the knowledge you will always be playing the very best strategy for the variant you have chosen to play!

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