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Types of Cryptocurrency Bingo Bonuses

By choosing to play bingo at one of the many different sites that accept cryptocurrency deposits, you will of course be showered with lots of unique and plenty of high valued bonuses and promotional offers too.

With that in mind, if you haven’t yet set about playing bingo at such a site, but fancy doing so, then allow me to give you an insight into the type and range of different bonuses that will become available to you.

Often you will not have a bonus forced upon you when you do make a deposit into a bingo site, as players tend to have to claim each bonus they want to claim by using something known as a bonus code.

You need to look up on the promotions page or in any promotional emails sent out to you from such a site the bonus code, which will be printed alongside the bonus offer, that code then needs to be entered into the banking interface when you make a deposit and that way the bonus will be added to your bingo account at the same time as your deposit is.

The most commonly available Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency bingo bonuses you can claim are known as deposit match bonuses. The value of the amount you need to deposit and the value of the bonus credits you can then get added to your account can differ however at different bingo sites.

You may come across a bingo site offering for example a 100% deposit match bonus so when you deposit let’s say 20.00 you will also get 20.00 in bonus credits added to your account.

However, there are some much higher valued deposit match bingo bonuses available, and it isn’t unusual to come across some bingo sites that will give you access to a 500% deposit match bonus when you sign up.

Such a site could let you deposit 20.00 for example and by doing so and by claiming their 500% deposit match bonus you will then get 100.00 in bonus bingo playing credits!

Also, be on the lockout for bingo sites that also give new players and access to an exclusive free bingo room for a number of days after they have registered as a new player, for by accessing that bingo room you can play bingo at no risk but still have the chance of winning a range of different prizes!

As all cryptocurrency and Bitcoin bingo sites also have a range of casino themed side games and you will often find you can claim a bonus or promotional offer that can be used on those side games too.

Free slot spins are one type of bingo site promotional offer worth claiming, for when you do claim such a bonus offer you get to play off a set of free spins and by doing so any winnings you achieve on the slot you are playing will then be added to your bingo site account, either as bonus credits or as cash credits!

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