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Unique Progressive Slot Games

The number of casino sites that will allow you to fund your account using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or any of the other numerous cryptocurrencies is of course always on the increase.

In fact, some to the busiest casino sites you will come across online are those that do offer their player plenty of deposit options, for those sites will ensure that no matter where a player is based they are always going to be able to fund their accounts in real time, with the minimum of fuss and effort.

One of the main benefits for slot players of playing at a busy and popular casino site is that the range of progressives slot games will be huge. Plus, due to the volume of players playing those types of slot machines their respective jackpots tend to grow much quicker, and those jackpots do tend to get won fairly frequently too!

There can be nothing worse for a slot player than playing a progressive slot machine that has a slowly rising jackpot and one that is rarely won, and in the following article I am going to be introducing you to a unique range of progressive slots that I feel you are going to enjoy playing.

Guaranteed “hit by” progressive slots are certainly going to be worth playing when you are playing at a busy online casino site. Those slots have jackpots that are always going to be won by players before they reach a certain value.

In regards to the best times to play those slots it is of course when their current jackpots are not too far away from their guaranteed hit by amount, as those jackpots are going to be paid out sooner rather than later!

Also be on the lookout for a range of slot machines that offer more than one progressive jackpot, but slots that award their jackpots at random. The major attraction of such slots is that low stake players always have a chance of winning those jackpots.

As you can win the jackpots at random, rather than having to line up the jackpot symbols on a certain pay line only when playing maximum bet spins, which is the case on the older and much more original progressive slot machines, they are high appealing for slot players who do not have a huge bankroll.

If you play at any cryptocurrency accepting Playtech software powered online casino site you will come across a slot called the Everybody’s Jackpot slot.

When playing that slot by simply playing it you then have a chance of sharing the progressive jackpot when another player wins it!

You are required to play off a certain number of spins however and if another player does then win the jackpot within a set time period of you playing that slot, then you share a percentage of the jackpot with all other players who qualify!

I have also seen a progressive slot that awards raffle tickets online, that slot is also designed by Playtech and by spinning in a special bonus symbol you amass raffle tickets for a draw, the prize being a huge cash jackpot payout!

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