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Using Bitcoin Cash as a Deposit Option

Bitcoin Cash is simply a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, and the main reason it was developed and put into use was many people were of the mind that Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency was going to be used mainly by investors instead of users.

That being Bitcoin was not being used for its intended purpose, that being as a form of payment method, which resulted in investors simply using it as a way to hopefully make money by buying and then selling their holdings.

As such if you are looking for a cryptocurrency that is being used and being used by a lot of people to make payments, and wish to use a cryptocurrency as a form of gambling site payment method then I would urge you to consider using Bitcoin Cash.

There is no major difference in regards to the way you buy, sell and use Bitcoin Cash when compared to its parent cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but the one major difference is the cost per unit, it is a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin!

If you are still finding your feet with cryptocurrencies, but are interested in using Bitcoin Cash, then you first need to simply get a digital wallet that is compatible with it, they are free to get so you are not going to have to pay to get a digital wallet.

However, and this is important, some digital wallets are linked up to a digital currency exchange which is where you are going to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash, as opposed to being a digital wallet that simply give you access to your Bitcoin Cash that are not stored in the wallet but on the blockchain.

Whilst most digital currency exchanges are above board, legal and hopefully never will experience any problems, if you use a digital wallet linked up to an exchange and that exchange gets hacked or even closed down for any reason then your Bitcoin Cash will be at great risk.

As such if you do use a digital currency exchange has its own standalone digital wallet and transfer your Bitcoin Cash into your own wallet as soon as you have bought any units instead, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your cryptocurrency holding are safe, as long as you have access to your digital wallet you have access to your cryptocurrencies.

There are of course no shortages of gambling sites that no readily accept Bitcoin Cash, and as such you are going to have the pick of them, so pick one that is best suited to your needs, wants and requirements too.

Also, and this is important, you should be ideally looking for a gambling site that has a system in place that allows them to pay out your winnings quickly, without putting your withdrawals in a pending state for any amount of time, for you could end up waiting days for your cash outs to arrive back in your digital wallet when gambling at such a site!

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