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Win a Mega CryptoCoin Scratchcard Jackpot

How do you fancy playing an online scratchcard game that is going to offer you the very real chance of winning a jackpot worth 20,000 times you stake?

Well if you do then there is one game I would suggest you track down and play at a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency accepting casino site, and that is the Mumbai Magic game.

That game is one of many different scratchcards that have been designed by Microgaming, so it will of course be a casino site using their gaming platforms and their range of games that you will have to track down, sign up to and then play at to be able to access it.

Now I know what you may be thinking, scratchcard games are boring! However, when you play them online those games have animated graphics, sound effects and you are also going to be able to play them for a range of different staking options too.

Another reason why I think you may have been put off playing scratchcard games online, if you have ever bought them from a retail outlet is that your chances of winning are usually pathetically low!

However, that is not the case when you play Microgaming’s range of scratchcard games for they come with some very high payout percentages, which means there is going to be more chance that you will win one of the many different valued prizes each of them have on offer.

The Mumbai Magic game first calls for you to select a stake you would like to play for, and then once you do instead of you having to scratch off panels, in the centre of the screen you will see a woman holding an orb, and a series of symbols will then be released from that orb.

To win a cash prize you simply need to match two symbols that fly out of that orb, and in total there are eight different cash prizes you could win on each game you play off.

The highest valued jackpot is that whopping 20,000 times your stake jackpot, which is awarded when you get two matching men symbols flying out of the orb. In fact, the second highest valued cash prize is a huge 10,000 coins and you need to have matched two Male Statue symbols to win that cash prize.

Reveal two Clapperboard symbols a 1000 times your stake winning payout is then awarded to you instantly and a 250 times your stake is awarded to you when and if you reveal to matching Female Dancer symbols.

There are also cash prizes worth x100, x10, x5 and x2 your staked amount up for grabs on each game you play off, so unlike a shop purchased scratchcard game you are never going to win only your stake money back!

Do give the Mumbai Magic game some play time soon for it is a game you can very quickly grow very fond of playing and could win big when you do play it too!

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